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Do we really love free online radio station? Before I answer this question, let me enlighten you a bit about this phenomenon called free online radio. Online or Internet radio is not radio, in the technical sense of the term. Because, online or Internet radio is not broadcast with airwaves as is done in conventional radios. Instead, an online radio station broadcasts over the web, by transmitting digital signals over telephone or cable lines. It means free online radio station is accessible to anyone who has access to the Internet.

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In some cases, the web casting is done from traditional radio stations whose signals are converted to digital format and then transmitted to listeners across the world. Web casting means transmitting real-time streaming audio or video to multiple recipients, who all receive the same content at the same time. Streaming is playing audio or video real-time as it is downloaded. If you want to tune in to an online radio station, you would require a computer with speakers, audio software, and a connection not less than 56k.

Some web casting is completely done online. In order to web cast, you need a few equipment like a microphone, CD player, mixer, computer, audio encoding software and a dedicated Internet connection. Online radio is not restricted by the limitations of conventional radio. Free online radio offers listeners a great variety of music genres and artists.

You can listen to both famous and yet-to-be-famous artists on a free online radio station. Free online radio will serve you a rich spread of music – classical, country, rock, pop, rap, reggae, blues, jazz. Everyone interested in music enjoys free Internet radio station broadcasts because of the excellent quality and rich variety of music provided by them. However, a number of small-time online radio broadcasters have been forced to shut down because of rigorous licensing policies. Still, there are hopes that this new medium will survive the odds and continue to exist.


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